Sunday, 21 April 2013


NIB (Norwegian interior blogs) and want to see how we recycle. My little family and I live in an apartment with limited storage opportunities, hence limited space for recycling. It all happens in the cupboard underneath the sink in the kitchen; one bin for general garbage, a paper bag for pant (I don't know the English expression for this; you return empty soda/beer cans/bottles to the store and get money for it), empty milk cartons filled with paper recycling to the left, and glass/metal recycling in the back.

There is a big bin for paper recycling outside our front door, so newspapers and other papers don't really get a chance to heap up because it is so easy to throw them in the bin on our way out. When the kitchen cupboard is full of glass/metal recycling, I fill a couple of plastic bags and throw the content in the huge bin/container thingy for glass/metal ca 2 minutes walk from our house. There is also one for paper and a couple for donation of used clothing. We should recycle plastic too. The big bag where we are supposed to collect our plastic recycling is only picked up once a month, and we don't really have room to store this big bag. There is no system for food/bio recycling in our neighbourhood.

So, no fancy recycling solutions in our home, but at least it is all hidden in a cupboard and it is functional for our needs.

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  1. Your recycling system is almost identical to ours. :) Except the fact that here in Finland we do not recycle plastic separately anymore, it goes with the general garbage.

    You have a spacious yard - have you considered getting a compost? We share one with our neighbours and it has definitely been worth the buy! Since all organic stuff goes in there, we've been able to cut down on our garbage fees (the truck picks up the general garbage straight from our yard, we were able to cut down those visits). And we also get lovely, nutritious soil for our garden from the compost! :)



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