Wednesday, 3 April 2013

morning at the mountain cabin

It was minus 10 to 15 degrees Celsius outside every morning. The kind of cold that makes the snow creak beneath your feet. The kind of cold that makes you wear thick layers of wool and a hat to go to the outhouse. We keep the wood stove burning all night to prevent an ice cold cabin in the morning. Once the sun gets up above the mountain tops and shines through the windows, it quickly heats up the little living area of the cabin. I put the kettle on and prepare for baking bread for breakfast, whilst Sara sits in her highchair reading her book and Sølve sleeps in.

I have plenty of photos - including three rolls of film - to share from our Easter at the mountain cabin, so stay tuned. In the meanwhile, please check out my little giveaway which ends tomorrow (Thursday).


  1. Høres i all enkelhet idyllisk ut.

  2. Beautiful photograph :) love the sun light

  3. what a magical place, astrid! have loved seeing these little glimpses on here, flickr and i.g



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