Sunday, 28 April 2013

a photo an hour

Inspired by blogs like Bleubird and... eh... other blogs, I have taken a photo (or more) every hour of our Sunday. Please join us, if you want to.

7 am: breakfast and a very much needed cup of coffee

8 am: Sara reads her favorite book about numbers, such a wet day

9 am: time to wake up daddy

10 am: making smoothie and heating bread rolls for second breakfast

11 am: I napped

noon: baby nap time chill

1 pm: skyping with grandma and granddad

2 pm: lunch

3 pm: preparing ratatouille for tonight's dinner

4 pm: the whole family needs to fight off a case of slight cabin fever in the pouring rain

5 pm: it was cold outside so we warm up with tea and reading

6 pm: barne-tv and minifras

7 pm: Sølve puts Sara to bed whilst I (finally) take a shower

8 pm: chill time whilst waiting for the roast chicken to finish

9 pm: dinner and a movie

- - -

It has been fun documenting our day like this. I'll do it again another day! By the way, all photos are taken with my iPhone 4s and processed with VSCO Cam app.

- - -

PS: Save $10 off my books until May 2


  1. a perfect day! :)

  2. That looks like a hilarious book, Astrid, even though I know almost no Norwegian!

  3. Ser ut som en veldig fin dag! Og for et nydelig hjem dere har!

  4. This is wonderful Astrid. You manage to convey the atmosphere in such a subtle way, without revealing too much.

  5. Thanks for sharing, I liked this post a lot!

    Edna from Germany

  6. Morsomt konsept;) og så fin og stemningsfull dokumentasjon fra en fin søndag. - Carina

  7. I looooooove this idea! I might join the fun next Sunday! And I love the photos!



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