Tuesday, 16 April 2013

a peaceful moment

Kodak Ektachrome 100VS, Canon EOS 500N

Right now, Sara is napping in the pram in her room (she falls asleep so much easier in the pram rather than her crib during daytime) and I'm sitting the the orange sofa, with my feet up, drinking coffee and eating a chocolate banana muffin. It is pouring down outside. We have been really spoilt with lots and lots of fantastic weather lately; the rain and wind feel quite strange. Normally I don't mind going out in all sorts of weather. The fresh air and exercise always do wonders. Today I just didn't feel like going outside though; I would rather enjoy this peaceful little moment all by myself. Sometimes that does wonders as well.

I'm thinking of making a new Blurb book, with film photos. Either another Øyeblikk book or a 30 days of spring book (similar to my 30 days of winter book). What do you think?


  1. That cup looks delicious, Astrid! I was wondering how do you get your film scanned... I'm not satisfied with my home scanner, but neither I am with the scans I order in the place wher I get my film developed...

  2. ^ I wondered the same thing too. You take a lot of film pictures and I wondered if you processed everything on your own or what...

  3. Ja! Jeg har jo den fantastiske 30 days of winter <3



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