Wednesday, 13 March 2013

light + a giveaway


Days are getting longer. The light, my muse, is slowly coming back. Every day I feel more inspired to take photos, especially with film. I have shot very little film this winter and I have missed it. As mentioned yesterday, I just bought a five pack of Kodak Portra 400, so there will be more film shooting in near future.

To celebrate the return of the light, I'm having a little giveaway of my Light Blurb book.

To get a chance to win my book, please leave a comment and tell me a little bit about who you are and why you visit my blog. 

I have asked this question before, so feel free to repeat yourself if you have participated before ;-) I know this is quite narcissistic, but it is really nice to get a little feedback in times when blogging feels a bit uninspired. 

My little family and I are having a long Easter holiday, starting this coming weekend. The giveaway winner will be announced when we are back, ca April 2. 

By the way, I just discovered that my Light book is a staff pick by the Blurb peeps. Yay! Such an honor! (My Look Down book is also a staff pick.)


  1. I love your photos and your everyday little pleasures, like cookies and fresh flower on the table, that I love very much too!
    I am Daniela from Italy, I have been in Norway once and really loved it, I was hosted in a kind family in Stavanger :-)

  2. I love your blog. Your photos are beautiful - you always have a way of capturing the most beautiful light. I especially love your simple photos - just a cup of coffee on the floor. These are so comforting and cozy.
    I'm Kelsey from Australia. My blog is here: and I'd absolutely love some feedback and/or advice from someone whose photos I admire so much!

  3. Hi, Astrid. Your blog motivates me to appreciate all those little things you meet in everyday life: well and handsome food, the view, flowers, the light, cushions on the bed. I love the pictures of your cosy garden, watching them always make me longing for such a little green place of my own, where I can grow lavender and good looking tasty veggies, and take photographs of it all.
    I'm a historian living in Poland, interested in medieval Scandinavian literature, and forever inspired by Scandinavian bloggers (-;

  4. I enjoy your stunning photo's and the food is always inspiring. I am a mom of one & student in Canada.

  5. For ei vakker bok! Eg er her og les heile tida fordi eg ikkje får nok av bloggen din :D


  6. I'm a history student from England, currently working as an au pair for three little boys in a small town in the south of Germany.

    I visit your blog as I find the way you use photography to appreciate everything in your life inspirational - be it home-cooked food, the design of your apartment, or your lovely daughter. As someone who has found some of my favourite film photographers and been featured myself in your "why I shoot film" section, I think that your regular showcase of analogue photography is so fantastic and really important. I visit your blog because I love your photographs, and it motivates me to get out there and take more of my own.

  7. Jeg vil være med! Jeg synes du tar nydelige bilder, du får til det jeg vil gjøre: å gi hverdagssettinger det ekstra, du får frem det fine lyset som er.
    Og så er dere søte!

  8. i'm sara (yes, same amazing name as your daughter) and i love reading your blog because i lived in norway and i miss it and i love daily life photography and love how you express it :) thanks for the giveaway!

  9. hello astrid. i'm vivi from viña del mar, chile (a beach city to the center of the country, to the pacific coast). i'm in communications and a bit shy about my photos, although i'm trying to change this (that's why i started my blog, the basualto). i also like knitting, it relaxes me and keeps me warm :) Right now i'm knitting a lot of scarves in infinity loops.

    i don't quite remember how i found your blog, but i know i liked it right away and it went straight to my reader feed. i enjoy the stories of your little girl (she sounds precious) and your photos (so lovely).

    thanks for the opportunity of the giveaway. i hope it's open for international readers :)
    have a great day.

  10. My name is Tiziana, and I follow your blog from Italy, I like you as you write, as photographers and what transmitter .. I'm in a very dark and you contribute to make some light.
    Thank you!

  11. I really like your photos, especially the ones you take on your walks. I wish we had such lovely paths. A lot of food inspiration has come from the what's for dinner blogs. And babystuff is interesting lately, we had our baby in October.
    I'm Satu from Northern Finland. Have bbeebn following your blog for quite a while now.

  12. Hello Astrid! My name's Honorata and I'm from Poland. Honestly, I have spotted your blog quite accidentally and at first I found nothing inspiring about it (don't get offended), just a bunch of photos with everyday glimpses. But I was curious what you were going to post next and unexpectedly, I realized that this simple curiosity changed into a sort of addiction. I couldn't wait to see more photos and your short but how appropriate comments. I have especially enjoyed watching photos of your house and your family outdoors. Well, to cut it short, what I found in your blog is, in fact, a celebraton of life which makes me a great fan of yours. Thanks!

  13. another Pole here! we must be blog loving folk i think! i live in UK currently, studying in centuries old Cambridge. i have always escaped Poland to go to southern countries and get some sun, but these days I appreciate more and more northern directions, and that's why i liked your blog! you show scandinavian simplicity and beautiful nature, and it is all very inspiring!

  14. Hei Astrid,

    I am Emma from Austria and I live in Vienna with my Canadian husband. I have followed both your flickr photostream and your blog for quite a few years now. I don’t remember exactly when I came across your photostream – it may have been when I started inviting photos for my new Iittala group on flickr or even before when I was looking for streams of Scandinavian photographers. I have studied and travelled in Northern Europe, so I am always happy to see pictures of Scandinavian landscapes and lifestyle.

    I particularly enjoy the film photos on your stream and blog. Actually, they contributed to my decision to get back into film photography after I had already fully switched to digital. I really appreciated your tests of different films – until then I hadn’t cared much about the film I used. Now I also try to experiment with film to achieve different results.

    In general, I find your stream and blog very inspirational. You are a very outdoorsy person, which I am, too. But sometimes I am too lazy or I think I am too busy, and then it helps to see some great outdoor shots to get back into the mood of spending more time in nature. With the right attitude, you really can enjoy all seasons equally.

    Your pictures are about enjoying and capturing the moment which is an attitude that I really appreciate. I tend to compose my pictures very carefully, which is fine, too, but sometimes I now also try to be more spontaneous and just take snapshots of my everyday life.

    I made quite a few blurb books myself (which I haven’t made public, though) and I always thought that we have a similar style of composing the books and combining pictures. Speaking of combining pictures – I really loved the diptychs that you sometimes made. I would be happy to see some more of them in the future. I sometimes do diptychs, too, and I even had a one-year photo project with a Norwegian friend which was a lot of fun.

    I’m looking forward to tons of pictures from your five pack of Kodak Portra 400!

  15. Hi! My name is Rhianne, I live in the UK and I love film and your photos especially.

    I love your blog because its so engaging, your photos are great and I genuinely like seeing and reading about your life, thank you so much for sharing.

  16. Hi, my name is Jeanine. I'm a Canadian living in the UK. I've been featured in your section "why i shoot film" and I come to your blog for your photos, which I love, love, LOVE. Also, because you shoot film :) Thank you for the inspiration.

  17. I am Kasia, I am a PhD student from Brussels, and I have been moving from one fieldwork to another for years now... Cuba, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Burundi; all the locations in one colorful blur of memories and emotions - the last five years of my life.
    I read your blog because it reminds me that one day I will find home someplace in the world.

  18. Hi Astrid,

    I'm Vanessa and I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the US. I continually navigate to your blog because it's so inspiring to read, especially because you enjoy film photography and share a glimpse into a life that seems so foreign and intriguing to me. I mean, Summer skiing? That's so awesome! Even when you share things just around the house, it's still so beautiful.

  19. Hi Astrid,

    I'm from the US, but married to a Norwegian guy. I come to look at your beautiful photos. It inspires me that you shoot film, I love makes me happy. I love the Norwegian landscapes and the moods that you seem to capture. Also, I am sometimes reminded to slow down, look around, and appreciate what is around me. You help me view everyday ordinary life through and extraordinary lens, so thank you!


  20. Hi Astrid,

    I'm Julia from Hamburg in the North of Germany.
    I am reading your blog from my home or from the office and enjoy it very much to get a glimpse in the daily life. As an editor I am reading so much professionally, but not enough: I still like reading for me. When I'm not reading I like to take pictures, knit, cook, spend time with our friends. i love beeing an aunt and enjoy the special aunty-time.
    Currently I am waiting desperately for spring to arrive. I'm so done with the winter here. But I love your pictures of winter and I'm looking forward to your pics from the easter holidays.
    All the best ~ Julia

  21. Hello!

    I am Alessandra from Milano, Italy, even though I currently live in Switzerland. I came to your blog by accident on Pinterest and got quickly hooked: we share a lot of things, first of all a passion for photography and a young daughter of the same age :)
    I studied Nordic languages and literature back at the University, so I speak Swedish, a little Norsk and I am very passionate about anything regarding Scandinavia. This meant instant love :)
    Your blog, in its simplicity, is one of my biggest sources of inspiration.



  22. jeg vil ha lys!
    og jeg leser her selvsagt fordi jeg ikke kan få nok av hverdagslivet ditt:)

  23. Hi Astrid :) My name is Trixia and I'm from Singapore. I really like reading your blog because the photos you take are lovely, especially the ones from your travels & weekend trips. I'm a big fan of film and I always feel inspired to take more film photos when I see yours. And to visit Norway, it looks like such a beautiful country!



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