Friday, 8 March 2013


So, I'm a bit embaressed to admit this. Especially because of this.

As a few of you might have noticed, I'm back on Instagram.


I love snapping photos with my iPhone and sharing them + I love keeping in touch with friends this way.

This time it is different though. My Instagram account is private, which means I'm sharing my everyday glimpses with a limited number of people. I'm also keeping the list of people I follow quite small. I'm hoping this will keep my addiction balanced. (Ha!)

Still I post the same photos on my Flickr. Except for a few, mostly photos of Sara, that I share with family/friends only. And I will still do these life via iPhone posts.

So, how about you? Still loving Instagram or are you staying away from it?


  1. I'm still at Instagram but I don't spend so much time around there as I would love to. I really like the new flickr app to but instargram is still different to flickr.
    What is it that the one programm has and the other has not?

  2. definitely still on instagram. and I've missed you around there! =)
    the flickr app is great and flickr will always be my first love on photo-sharing but instagram is just...there. ;)

    I do love your life via iPhone posts!

  3. Haha! Busted! ;-) I still miss it, too. And although it also feels good to get rid of addictive stuff, I still miss the interaction...

    I love the new Flickr app, too, Julia, but there's just more interaction on instagram than on Flickr these days.

  4. I never got around to get an instagram account, and just as I was thinking of beginning to instagram, I read that they (Instagram) would have copyright on everything that you posted...

    ...and then that was it. No instagram.

  5. Hei Astrid, I've found your blog by chance an I like it. My name is Astrid, too, and my daughters name is Sara ( she's 30 ). I was in 2008 in Norway, Bergen too, and I love it.
    Astrid from Cologne, Germany



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