Saturday, 2 February 2013

things I like lately

we have fresh snow today, this though is from my winter light archives | Fuji pro160C, Canon EOS 500N

- Åshild's table
- a nice walk amongst nature when tired and grumpy - always the best medicine
- a new denim shirt - why haven't I bought one before?!
- being outside walking with Sara
- my first attempt at carrot cake - mmm!
- these photos by Kristina
- my weekend date with Minolta and Ektar
- what a difference a day makes
- the Wednesday chef is cooking for her son Hugo - I'm all for inspiration for baby/toddler meals
- the vegetable soup I made Monday
- Sandra's post about her work
- this article in Morgenbladet
- this home featured in Aftenposten
- this photo by Brian, this by Kristin and this by Shari
- right now, as I type: Saturday night, Sara is sleeping, a glass of white wine, Sølve is starting the dinner and Sex on Fire on the stereo


  1. Nydeleg solog snøbilde og mykje kjekt å lika :D



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