Wednesday, 13 February 2013

sugar rush

Sara is finally asleep after a 1,5 hour battle, so I'm willingly entering sugar rush zone with way too many Sara Bernard cakes. Not sure why it took her so long to fall asleep tonight. Teething maybe. Exhausting anyway - for both of us. What do you do in situations like this?


  1. Poor you, we've had a few nights like that recently. It's even gone on for so long we've given him another bottle. Sometimes one of us goes to bed early and he sleeps in the bed with us, that's not much use if you haven't had dinner yet though! Hope it's a one-off for you.

  2. det som er viktig( viktigst) å tenke i situasjoner som denne, er at det går over.

  3. Poor thing! Could be teething possibly - Lucia has been driving us crazy lately with teething. What we usually do is putting up a nightlight/music box that soothes her, sitting next to her crib and gently caressing her head, and perhaps offering her something to drink: a sip of water or even a bottle of warm milk usually help a lot.
    And yes, once she finally falls asleep it's time for a glass of wine and a couple of chocolates :)



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