Tuesday, 19 February 2013

a stolen moment

I'm enjoying a warm cup of coffee whilst Sara is napping - even though it is too late to nap at 5 pm. She fell asleep in the pram on our way home from doing errands in the city center, and she kept sleeping - snoring even - after I had taken the pram up the stairs and inside in the hallway. Obviously she is tired, so I don't want to wake her. Then again, I don't think she will be ready to go to bed at her normal bedtime hour tonight...

In other news; I did a tiny rearrangement of furniture today. I moved those two old fruit crates from the hallway to the corner there where that table normally is. I like it like this. But I also like having the crates in the hallway. I think there are more where I found them - in the basement at Åsly - so I'll just get a few more the next time we are there.

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