Friday, 25 January 2013

things I like lately

homemade biscotti and coffee in December sun light | Kodak Portra 400, Canon EOS 500N

- Sara walks!
- Cindy's 365 days of coffee, her Instagram is great too
- Luica Brimble's photos
- Cereal magazine
- another solo road trip (to our hometown Sandnes) with Sara that went very well; she always sleeps so well when we are out driving
- the morning ritual of lighting the wood stove before breakfast
- Stevie Wonder's Don't you worry bout a thing
- Idol
- this cusk dish that my mum made for dinner yesterday
- even though I have quit Instagram, I still follow a few inspiring peeps - check my list almost at the bottom of the right hand side sidebar
- I have also added a list of popular posts in the sidebar - just for fun (maybe you will find something you haven't read before)
- cinnamon bun at Charles & de in Sandnes - it is The Best!
- days are slooowly getting longer
- this photo by Lara and this by Sarita
- just had my fringe trimmed
- dinner at our fellow Champagne loving friends tomorrow


  1. kan like mykje av det der eg og, spesielt heimabaka biscotti ;D

    Klem og god helg!

  2. Hello Astrid thank you so very much for the mention. So absolutely honoured.



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