Friday, 11 January 2013

things I like lately

from my winter archives | Ferrania Solaria 800, Canon EOS 500N

- getting more and more acquainted with my new MacBook Air (I've been a pc user until now)
- deleting my Instagram account (I wrote about why here)
- this post by Frøken Makeløs
- this post by Ellen
- honey & jam and Hannah's Instagram
- Definitely Golden
- Give Me Light
- Little Glowing Lights
- Sweet Thing
this (via Nadja)
- IdaFrosk's new blog
- this (via stjerneglass)
- Joy's book of her daughter Ruby's first year - I have made a Blurb book of Sara's first year, I'll show you some glimpses soon
- I want to try this recipe, and that blog looks beautiful too (via Unruly Things)
- Mira's chocolate chip cookies are addictive - and so quick and easy to make! (I have adapted the recipe a little; replacing oatmeal for some of the flour and using less (!) chocolate)
- seeing my baby Sara (14 months old) become more and more confident on her little feet - I think we have a walker very soon!
- flowers from our guests last weekend
- frost is back and I like it
- a walk in the fog - nature really gives me a kick sometimes!
- catching up on my magazines reading

PS: I have started answering your questions - great ones! Hopefully I will manage to finish them during the weekend and start posting the answers next week. Until further notice; please keep the questions coming and get a chance to win prints of my photos.

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