Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Kara shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Kara?

The first gift my father gave my mother after cashing in his first big paycheque was a Canon AE-1. 35 years later, that is the same camera I am using today. Ever since my mother let me use that camera I have had a very emotional connection with it. Before starting with film, I would practice on my DSLR, knowing that if this were film, I would only have one shot to get my exposure right. This was a welcomed challenge for me. Shooting with film forces me to analyze every aspect of the photo I'm taking, from the perfect lighting to the correct shutter speed. I love the excitement of picking up a newly developed roll of film, I love the tones film creates that cannot be mirrored in photoshop, I love manually setting up my camera to do a double exposure. To me, film captures memories in a crisp and beautiful way to which digital photography cannot quite compare.

You can see more of Kara's photos on her Flickr.

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