Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I quit Instagram

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You might remember this post where I pondered if I should leave Instagram or not. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have decided to leave this week. 


The whole thing with the change in Terms of Use started it. It turns out that it is not too bad after all. Or maybe it is? I'm confused.

Anyway, it made me rethink my love for Instagram. Yes, I love the instant sharing of everyday moments + see what my friends (and strangers) are up to + discovering new, inspiring photographers. I fell deep and hard in love with Instagram from the moment I started using it - just like I fell for Flickr when I signed up in May 2005. 

I don't love how much time I actually spend on Instagram every day, because I kind of don't want to miss any of the updates, comments and likes. It is embarrassing. I just get too hooked. 

In an effort to try to balance my time spent on social media, I have decided to cut down on how many I use. I have already deleted my accounts on Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Now Instagram is up. 

I will however continue sharing my everyday stories and other random moments via my iPhone, dslr and film cameras on my Flickr. As mentioned in this post, Flickr was my first true social media love. With the new app, I love it even more. 

What do you think about Instagram? 

9 of my own favorite Instagram photos

Side note: Some people are present on all social media platforms. I'm curios how they do it? Do they create original content for all these sites? Do they interact a lot with others everywhere? Are they there just to be there? Personally I find it confusing and time consuming to be all over the place. I would rather concentrate my energy on a very few selected ones; my blog and my Flickr is where I'm at. 

PS: You can see all my Instagram photos in this set on Flickr. And I'm continuing my everyday stories via iPhone in this set. Follow along if you want!


  1. I actually never got around to begin with Instagram. I was pondering on it... now with the new terms there is no way I will begin.

    I too love my flickr.

    And i LOVE your "Spis med god samvittighet" photo!
    Kan det kjøpes et kopi?

  2. I'm glad you're staying on Flickr. I have an instagram account somewhere but never use it. Flickr, FB and my blog is all that I can handle. Very few of my real life friends are on Flickr, so I post the same on there, and on my blog I try to expand a bit on that.

  3. I'm addicted to Instagram too purely cause it's just so convenient and fun :)
    I can't imagine anyone would want to use my pictures for anything so I'll be sticking around for the time being. Sad to see you go though :(

  4. I have to go through all my blog posts and re-upload the images asap as I am not sure statigram keeps these images up after I deleted my instagram account. Agh, silly me for uploading them not right away to blogger or placing the ones I uploaded to Flickr in my blog posts (which I thankfully did already with some but not with all)!

  5. i was feeling left out with everyone switching to instagram, but now folks are coming back to flickr- yay! if i ever get a smartphone, i'll have to check out the flickr app. until then... see you on flickr! :-)

  6. I don't have, and I won't have.. ;)
    Just the blog is perfectly enough for me.

  7. I have been thinking about quitting as well. I was never really happy about the fact that the resulting image is not as good as I wanted.
    Take the iPhone 4, which can take 5MP shots, and what is the resulting Instragram file ? A louzy 612x612 px ??!! But then again.... I liked those filters. Quick and easy.

    The problem with today is too many social media thingies to keep up with. I am one of those who tries everything (myspace, facebook, posterous, tumblr, pinterest,, ex-fm, ....). So I have way too many accounts and forgot already about more than half of them. But I always tried to use them properly for a while until it became too much. It's impossible to keep updated with everything and everybody. Info overload is our problem.

    So I am going back to basics again as well. Flickr is the place to be. C U there....!!!

  8. At the beginning of January I too deleted my Instagram account. As I wrote on Twitter (it's the only social media platform I really use) that was not because its policy changes but as part of my digital declutter plan. I've also decided to be pickier about the blogs I follow as I really love interacting with the writers and that takes me a lot of time! Flickr? I'm there too but not as often as I wish to be!

  9. Jeg skjønner godt at du vil dra. Jeg tenkte på det jeg også. Men jeg blir, litt til. Men ikke så aktivt som før. Jeg tror det er sunt å tenke litt kritisk til hvilke sosiale medier en vil fortsette å være på. Tiden har vi jo bare her og nå. Det er prioriteringer vi må gjøre. Men det er godt at du fortsatt blir her. Er jo så glad i bloggen din!

  10. I feel pretty much the same as you on this I think. I am starting to think its really unhealthy to wake up and the first thing I do is check instagram. Like, before my eyes are even properly awake. Thats not right! Every second I'm like 'gotta check instagram' - why? I don't take anything away from it, other than maybe a nice thing said about a photo I took of my breakfast, or someone elses nice photo on my eyes. Its so strange.

    I have cut down a lot on instagram. I mostly use Afterglow to edit photos and post them directly to twitter. I have a facebook but I barely update it, mostly my Tumblr where I also post my iPhone photos posts directly to it and I only really have it to keep in touch with friends who live back in New Zealand, or family.

    Social Networking is such a strange thing. 2013 is the year I really will call or write to people IN REAL LIFE. Although I do live it at times, i'm back in touch with so many people I lost contact with over the years, just because they found me on facebook.

    Its a tricky one for sure!

  11. Good for you Astrid!

    I'm in two minds about Instagram and I always have been. I hate that it's made me reach for my iphone first when I "see" a picture, instead of a real camera. But I have made some rules about how I use it:

    1. I never upload live.
    I did in the beginning and then I realised how rude it was to the people I was with (if I was with company). Would you start reading a book or a magazine right in the middle of lunch with someone? I don't think so (this is why I don't like social media at all - I find it anti-social).

    2. I only check it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening (this is also when I will upload).
    There's simply no need to look at it more often than that.

    3. I only follow people who's photography I find inspiring or people who are real friends.
    I find that edits out whole lot of feeds and a lot of visual junk (life's too short to spend time looking at what everyone else is up to). I delete feeds when I get bored.

    And that's it. I realise this may sound a bit negative and all... Instagram isn't all bad; I've come across some awesome photography that I'm not sure I would have found had I not been on there. But flickr was (and still is) like that too. I personally have issues with smartphones and have to impose strict rules for how I use one, otherwise I might be glued to that stupid thing all the time. And I'm pretty sure that on my death bed I won't be saying "I wish I had spent more time on my iPhone".

  12. I love Flickr too, but they haven't updated their Android app, so I'm sticking with Instagram for now, I am thinking that I might get an Iphone in a couple of months though, so if I do that I'll be deleting Instagram definitely. I like it mainly for the social aspect, but you can see other peoples photos still without having an account and the terms thing really does bother me, at least I trust Flickr.

  13. Instagram for Windows

  14. jeg forstår det godt. det er utrolig avhengighetsskapende. jeg hadde en periode med bloggen også, da jeg måtte spørre meg selv om dette er helt sunt. så det er lurt å tvile. ta valg. slutte. eller ikke. bare tenke over det. jeg kommer til å savne dine oppdateringer på instagram, men du har jo bloggen. og det er bra.

    p.s. min iphone er på vei i posten, og jeg er selv i tvil om jeg skal ha egen instagram konto...

  15. I'm so glad you did a follow up post on this. I was feeling the same way and stopped using instagram in mid-December. I don't think I'll be going back to it, and in due course will delete my account. I quit facebook 3 years ago, have tried twitter but didn't like it, never joined pinterest. I like to focus my time and energy on my blog, comments and emails when online. If I wanted instant sharing in the future, I think I'd consider flickr. At the moment I like the quietness and simplicity of just blogging and emailing.

  16. I completely understand your choice. I do find myself scrounging for ideas for original material to place across a wide spectrum of social media platforms and it becomes so tiring. Sometimes I end up throwing stuff up on the web as fillers. And then the whole meaning behind sharing parts of you and your interests get lost. I commend your decision and look forward to keeping up with you on Flickr and here! Also, it's nice to read something like this post and remind yourself to refocus.

  17. I've deleted the Instagram app from my phone. Best.Feeling.Ever. (or at least for now) NO urges. NO distractions.

  18. I do use Instagram and love it for posting pictures of my art in progress, and I also keep up with friend artists too. Lately I have been following some members that do equestrian sports (my first love) who live in EU. What method of social media is entirely up to personal taste and I enjoy the fact that there are so many different choices. :D



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