Saturday, 12 January 2013

everyday life

Sara loved being the center of attention when my sister and her friend visited.

The view from our friends' cabin on a cold winter morning. I love the winter morning shades of blue.

Christmas sweets in the making. They were very, very good.

My little explorer.

Our livingroom window view on a snowy day in December.

Her very first drawing. Minutes later she tore it apart.

Those snow covered pink mountains at the horizon made me grab my camera.


  1. How funny, we have the same highchair, bib and Brio toddle truck (that's what we call them in the UK!), looks like Sara has better balance than my little boy does at the moment! Beautiful shots.

  2. p.s liker så godt tregulvet deres.

  3. lol, the tearing apart her drawing made me chuckle, a true artist already :)

  4. Oh! The snowy, morning, cabin view is incredible. Stunning.



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