Monday, 7 January 2013

every bite

I have had way too many of these over the weekend - time to keep an eye (and lens!) on the sugar (over)load!

Inspired by the lovely Jess of Sweet Amandine, I will photograph every bite of food I eat tomorrow (Tuesday) and I will share it on the go on my Flickr (with the new, brilliant Flickr app - have you started using it yet?). Just like Jess did on November 15. And like Jess, I will share some  photos (or all?) (the best of?) (we'll see) here on the blog tomorrow night.

Be sure to read the comments too in this and this post. I love what Jess says about using her camera to make things, not just documenting things. And I love what Steph says about photographing her food not for the food itself, but to document a moment.

PS: This week's dinner menu will be out tomorrow in the am.

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  1. Hi there! Just installed the Flickr app (been meaning to do it) so that I can follow along. Thanks for linking to all of that photography talk on my blog. I loved that conversation and still think about it all the time. xo.



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