Friday, 25 January 2013

ask me anything | answers, part II

me, ca 10 years old | slide film photo by my dad

Paula asked:
I would like to ask how is Bergen for someone not native? Is it easy to make friends and what people do on their free time? Any advice you would give someone moving to Bergen?

I am not a Bergen native either, although I have lived here for 13 years now. I already had lots of friends living here when I moved here as a student, so I didn't have to make an effort to get new friends. I guess the easiest way to make new friends is to get organized in some sort of activity; sports, singing, dancing - what ever you fancy really. I think quite a lot of people living here are into hiking; there are plenty of hiking opportunities close to the city. Other than that, I don't know... Be prepared for lots of rain! PS: my Bergen guide.

Lauren asked:
I'd like to ask you which type of light, morning or evening has inspired you the most, lately?

Januray is dark, so any kind of light inspires me lately. The light at dusk and dawn is always inspiring, any season.

Anette asked:
- Do you take less pictures during winter (because of the lack of light)?
- Did you study photography or are you self-taught?
- What is your favorite camera?
- Did you and Sølve renovate the appartement yourself? How much did you end up spending on the renovation? (I love how your appartment ended up and we are soon going through the same process so I would looove some tips ;) )
- Does Sarah sleep through the night?
- When are you going back to work?

- Yes, especially less photos with film.
- I'm self-taught.
- See answer number 6.
- This time we had a lot of professional help. (We have done lots of renovation all by ourselves in the past.) All together it was about 500.000 NOK.
- Mostly, yes. She has mostly been a good sleeper, but it is not always so easy to get her down in the evening.
- End of September this year. I have an extra year of unpaid maternity leave.

sovekatt asked:
Har du en favorittkafé/spisested i Bergen?
Hva er det fineste denne bloggen har ført til?

- Det må nok være Godt Brød. Slår aldri feil.
- Alle de hyggelige bekjentskapene - deg inkludert :-)

Ida asked:
Som nyinnflyttet student her i Bergen lurer jeg på følgende; om du har noen gode tips til turer her i byområdet?

Sjekk ut min Bergen guide, der vil du nok finne noen tips.

Julia asked:
Do you play an instrument? Or did you play one (and maybe don't have the time now anymore ♬)?

I did play the piano for a little while, but singing has always been my thing.

A Mermaid's blog just wanted to say hei :-)

ginger-lady asked:
I would like ask you, which character from fairytale, cartoon or book was your favourite when you were a child? And have you ever been afraid of monsters or creatures from fairytales? If yes, who scared you?

I loved the book Anne of Green Gables and I really, really wanted red hair like Anne when I was younger. I have no memory of being afraid of anything in particular. I was no fan of fog though. I remember wearing sunglasses in the fog. No idea why.

Dudu asked:
I am as well into photography and learning. What would be your advices? How do you improve yourself, books?

Keep shooting! I have a lot to learn on the technical side of photography, but I'm a little too lazy to do something about it. I guess I should read some books or take a course or something. So far though, I'm happy with what I can. Looking at other people's photos is a huge source of inspiration to me.

Mirko asked:
Where do you write your 2013 plan?
How many times do you read your plan for the future?
For me is very hard to plan and put everything in the right order, it seems you are perfect in each thing you do, how do you succeed!!!!?????

I'm not at all perfect in everything I do. I'm a very average person who like to share happy moments of my life through photos. I don't really have a specific plan for 2013, just a few things that we plan to do - Easter holiday at the mountain cabin, summer holiday in Spain - things like that. For those kind of plans, I use the calendar on my iPhone.

Anonymous asked:
you define yourself as a journalist, yet under the label "work" you post things like this: - do you consider this journalism? then what should we call woodward & bernstein's work, for instance? or present day krugman's editorials in NY times, for instance?

I'm not only a journalist, I'm also a copywriter and sometimes photographer. No, I would not consider all of that in the link as journalism. Some of it is the work of a copywriter and some of it is the work of someone who tries her best to be a stylist. I don't know who those people you mention are.

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part I | the last part, with baby/motherhood related answers will be out next week

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