Thursday, 17 January 2013

ask me anything | answers, part I

me, summer of 1980 | slide film photo by my dad

Hermine asked:
What's the dream you would like to come true?

My dream is to live a happy life.

Katrine asked:
1. Do you have any advice or tips regarding flying/solo roadtrips with a baby?
2. All those delicious salads: do you have a special home made salad dressing?
3. Your daily dose of nature: are those stunning places in walking distance to your home? (And if yes, I'll make my family move. Office and nature in walking distance....*sigh*)

1. I will answer this in a separate post with the other baby and motherhood related questions.
2. I normally keep it very simple on the dressing side; a good olive oil and a good balsamic vinegar is pretty much all I need.
3. Yes, they are. I feel very lucky to live so close to nature.

Box of Rain asked:
Your blogging seems to be very deliberate and well thought - you seem to only blog meaningful posts. What key pieces of advice would you give to someone who wishes to be a successful photographer and blogger?

I don't really feel qualified to answer this, but I will give it a try. When it comes to being a successful photographer you have to have a good eye, work hard and get your work out there for people to see. To be a successful blogger you have to find your own voice, dare to be a bit personal and create (original) content that make readers want to come back for more.

Anna asked:

1- Would you ever consider living abroad?
2- Would you ever consider going back to school, and if you did, what would you take?
3- Would you like to have more children?

1- Maybe; it depends on the time frame, where and for what reason.
2- Yes. I'm currently considering going back to uni for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education
3- Yes! I would love for Sara to have a brother or sister.

Daniela asked:
Dear Astrid, what is your advice to grow as a couple? You and Solve seem so at ease with one another and so happy together. What are your tips to grow a good relationship (ex.go out for dinner, have alone time, exchange do you share your love one another?).

All couples are different. Sølve and I are indeed very happy together, but that does not mean we have the recipe for how to become a happy couple. In addition to being husband and wife, we are also best friends and a great team. We always want the best for each other, for us as a couple and for the three of us as a family. We are always top priority.

MaritTiram asked:
- What is your favourite camera, and why?
- Do you have a "dream camera" on your wishlist?
- What makes a blog interesting (for you)?
- What is the best meal you've ever had?

- Right now I think the iPhone is my favorite camera because I always carry it with me and that way I don't miss any photo opportunities. It takes decent photos and with apps like VSCO Cam, ShakeItPhoto and Afterglow the photos can get even better. I do however have a soft spot for my analog Canon EOS 500N simply because I love shooting film and a lot of my favorite photos have been taken with the camera.
- Not really, I'm quite happy with what I got. I have never tried medium format though, so I would love to get my hands on a Hasselblad, maybe.
- Great photos and a personal voice.
- This is impossible to answer! I have had so many memorable meals, both because of the actual food, the company and the location.

Mari asked:
1. How do you find motherhood so far? What are it's biggest challenges?
2. Did you went back to work? How will you combine being a mother and also working?
3. What is your favourite beauty products?
4. How would you describe your style? (dressing)

1. and 2. I will answer this in a separate post with the other baby and motherhood related questions.
3. This good old Nivea creme, Yves Saint Laurent touche eclant concealer, Kanebo Sensai total finish foundation, Korres fluid gel cleanser and Rosebud Salve
4. Casual classic, maybe?

Lindsey Alyce asked:
What do you like best about raising children in Norway? And what do you like least about it?

I will answer this in a separate post with the other baby and motherhood related questions.

Sue asked:
- What are you currently listening to? Is there a new artist or album that you can't stop playing?
- What is your favorite movie this year? Anyhting new that we must all see?

- During day I always listen to the radio, P2 to be precise. Other than that I listen to the playlists Sølve and I make on Spotify. For example on my "newly discovered | rediscovered" list there are artists like Teitur, Laura Marling, Cat Power, Feist, Beirut and Noah and the Whale.
- I love watching movies. Can't remember the last time we were at the cinema and saw a new movie though. Also, lately we tend to watch TV series on DVD instead. Some of our favorites are Modern Family, Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy. Wish I had a good movie to recommend. Maybe you do?

Nikki asked:
Besides eating most of your meals at home, what do you do to save money?

In Norway it is generally not common to eat out a lot because of the rather high prices at restaurants. Most families eat their meals at home, and bring packed lunch for school and work ("matpakke" is a big thing in Norway). So, for us, eating at home is not really a way to save money, because it is what is normal for us. Other than spending money on food, wine and travel, we just don't buy a lot of stuff. We also have money invested in the company Sølve runs, plus in funds.

AKG asked:
I'm not the best with change (moving, new job, etc), so I was wondering how do you handle change?

I'm not good with change either, but familiar routines help somehow, even if it is just a moment of quiet to read blogs or organize photos.

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  1. Lovely to read all the answers even though I didn't ask a question ;)

  2. Thanks for the music inspiration, I´m just listening to some of the artists!



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