Sunday, 16 December 2012

everyday life

A blurry, snowy view seen from our livingroom window a couple of weeks ago. Now the snow is pretty much gone. Most places the ground is once again bare, other places it is glazed with ice. 

Standing and walking along furniture is the funnest thing ever these days.

The reflection of our new Christmas star in the livingroom window + blue winter light + snow = pretty, me thinks 

Our neighbours' front yard is so charming these days.

Such beautiful shades of blue. It looks like a painting.

Sorting DVDs with her auntie. Good times!

Sara does not like to wake up.

I love snow covered branches like this.

Light. My muse.


  1. Som sagt så mange ganger tidligere, synes jeg disse små hverdagsfortellingene er dødsfine. Og lyset, lyset på bildene dine, lyset som du klarer å fange selv i norsk vintermørke. p.S.Sara er blitt så stor.

  2. Det er jo fint å finne ut på et så tidlig stadium at Sara er B-menneske ;)



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