Thursday, 20 December 2012

everyday life

Her new favorite place to sit - the Duplo box.

Skies and clouds will for ever be inspiring to me.

Her hair is getting longer. I hope she won't mind having long hair when she gets older.

Last flower standing. I guess I should have taken better care of it.

Meal times are mostly good times.

My favorite girls

Our neighbours' Christmasy front yard. So happy for this view.

- - -

PS: ask me anything and get a chance to win prints of my photos


  1. Astrid, what a beautiful blog! your daughter is adorable, and I love your pictures. I would love to visit Norway someday and your blog is making me want to visit more! :)

  2. Acompanho seu blog desde que Sara nasceu.. adoro acompanhar o crescimento dela! Fico feliz quando vejo seus progressos! Feliz Natal! Bjs



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