Thursday, 29 November 2012

your favorites

Winter view seen from our livingroom window
The town of Odda
At the flower market in Hong Kong
Breakfast at home
Another winter view seen from our livingroom window
Winter at Voss, seen from the garden of Åsly, the family holiday home
Apples from Åsly, at home
A collection of plates on a concrete floor, on a photo shoot for a magazine
Summer catch at the mountain cabin
Summer feet in our garden

On Flickr you can press the "favorite" button on photos you like. These are the ten photos taken by me that have been favorited most times by other people. Here are my favorites, taken by other people. Have a look - there are so many talented and inspiring photographers on Flickr!

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PS: ask me anything | I have a guest post today over at Silvia's new Christmas blog, Joulo Joulo  


  1. Always love your views from the living room. Just beautiful.

  2. I love Norwegian winter. And I love your architecture! It's so simple & beautiful...

  3. The view from your living room window is beautiful. So much air...

  4. The view from your living room window is beautiful. So much air...

  5. Fantastiske bilder!! Det fra Odda er favoritten!

  6. These are just so gorgeous, don't what else to say. Took my breath away.

  7. Åh Odda. Jeg ble født der. <3

  8. Hello there, I've just discovered your blog via your photos on Instagram. The ones here are amazing too, especially the first one. I love the feeling of looking at them and entering into your world - you make me long to spend winter in Norway. Greetings from Derbyshire.

  9. This collection is just divine. I always adore your photos. Particularly the winter ones as we sweat through summer here! Thank you for continuing to share your beautiful perspective of your life.

  10. These photos are lovely, especially the ones taken from your living room window and the fish in a row. Are these your favourites too? :)

    1. Some of them are among my favorites. Here are more:

  11. Your photos are soooo beautiful! Can't stop watching!



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