Thursday, 22 November 2012

everyday life

A bit of city light bokeh is always a winner, right?

Poking the locomotive's eyes is all right, baby. Poking your mamma's eyes, not so much.

She headed straight to the open door. Seems like she was in desperate need of some fresh air, just like the rest of us. Her great grandmother sure loves a warm house. 

forever until the end | hotel room view

It was a different kind of flight for him. Not for business this time, but with his daughter and wife. He said he prefers this kind of travel. 

My little explorer

I'm normally no fan of yellow, but this one stood out in between all the typical pink ones, I just had to get it. 

She's loving it!

Morning blues


  1. Lovely glimpses of your everyday life :)

  2. Lovely collection! Gorgeous city bokeh! We all should add more bokeh to our life. ;)

  3. Looks like someone is getting very active ;) So adorable!

  4. Love your morning blues photo. Looks like you had some fun. She's good company;-)



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