Thursday, 8 November 2012

Amanda shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Amanda?

A couple years ago I worked for a large portrait studio company and most of the time I just had people screaming at me to hurry up and snap as many pictures of their toddler before they started crying. The stress of that job almost made me never want to touch a camera ever again. After I left my job there, I started taking film photos and it was absolutely therapeutic. Shooting with film helped me slow down and have fun again. The best part is finally getting to see the photos, especially for me. I have a bad habit of using multiple rolls of film and then waiting an absurd amount of time to get them developed. I always forget what I took pictures of, so finally finding out is always a nice surprise! My digital camera cost much more than all of my analog cameras, but my analog camera will always be far more dear to me. Film captures the best aspects of life.

You can see more of Amanda's photos on her Flickr.

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