Thursday, 4 October 2012

what's for dinner, week 40

from my archives; Parma, May 2009 | Kodak Portra 160vc, Canon EOS 500N

Since we had a bit of a tough start to this week with the stomach flu, I didn't feel like planning this week's dinners. I didn't feel like thinking of dinner at all, or food in general for that matter. But I figured I would tell you what we actually had for dinner last week, like I always do (on Mondays). Will be back next Monday with a regular "what's for dinner" post.

Monday: Sunday leftovers (fish soup)
Tuesday: beef stir fry
Wednesday: italiensk gryte Sølve's pasta bolognes
Thursday: pasta with bacon, tomatoes, parsley, garlic and parmesan cheese tandoori chicken with rice mixed with mango, spring onion and lots of fresh coriander
Friday: salmon sashimi with ponzu sauce
Saturday: fish/meat of the day: Singapore chili crab (made by our friends)
Sunday: fish/meat of the day: pasta with mushroom sauce and bacon (I didn't have this because I was sick, but I have some portions waiting for me in the freezer)

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  1. Oh Parma! Such a lovely town! All the good food you can have in bigger cities as Bologna but without the hassle and buzzle!



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