Friday, 5 October 2012

things I like lately

late August sunset | Fuji Sensia 400, Canon EOS 500N

- An-Magritt's home office
- the new Sarjaton series from Finnish Iittala
- bunadspledd by Andreas Engesvik for Mandal Veveri (via D2)
- my new simple, black wool/silk t-shirt and long sleeve shirt (tips: they are called "Eva" and are bought for a very reasonable price at Spar Kjøp, in the underwear section of the shop)
- the fact that there is an to do-list/organizing app called Astrid - so fitting since I'm indeed very organized (I don't use the app, by the way, I have my own system ;-)
- this pillow from BoConcept
- it seems like the autumn colors are at their peak this week
- leftover ratatouille with minced beef/bacon and cheese filled tortellini for dinner
- your comments to this post (also here)
- a lovely postcard in my mailbox from my friend Nikki
- right now: sun (it has rained A LOT lately) + baby is napping more than her usual 30 minutes

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