Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I love my baby, but...

Sara's first meeting with soap bubbles, back in June when she was 8 months old

Some days are just exhausting! Some days are like the witching hour all day. How do you cope with that? What keeps your energy and mood up until baby bedtime? For me, today, it was a couple of thoughtful text messages from a close friend (and mother of two), some tears, fresh air, a sommerbolle and the thought of a delicious dinner (leftover ratatouille, minced beef with a little bacon and cheese filled tortellini) after she had fallen asleep. Luckily she was so tired by bedtime; she fell asleep in three minutes.

By the way, we are well recovered from the stomach flu, but I think Sara might be teething - again!


  1. leste denne idag, og syntes den var herlig! (likte den med oksygenmaskene)

    og vet du, noen dager har man bare ikke den ekstra energien - men vips neste dag!

    du er bra.

  2. Going out is mostly a good thing - even if I really don´t feel like, things are a bit different after a walk with the stroller.

    I wish you a fast arrival of the next tooth... and a long sleep !

    Edna from Blackforest/Germany

  3. oh Astrid , i am so getting you ! and somedays will be like this . she is growing, she may be going through a growth -spurt , when she may be grumpier than ever etc, or she may be just tired , and fighting it and not wanting to rest , because there are so many more exciting things better than sleeping and letting parents rest :) we had that with maya , she slept very little during day time , yes , i call it matress hatred :D she loved being out in the pram , outside etc , and then she would sleep .
    what kept me going was the idea that 1) not ALL days are going to be like that 2) promise of a glass of wine and relax when she falls asleep , 3 )things that you would just do for yourself ,read a magazine , ( even 1 page ) , drink some good coffee ....

    hope tomorrow is a better day xxx

  4. Noen dager er sånn. Da pleier jeg å sove når Audun sover. Kaffedrikking i så store mengder at det sikkert er usunt og tanken på kveldsro med god underholdning holder meg gående.Og en vogntur (for da bestemmer jeg tempoet!) pleier også å hjelpe. Her er det også flere tenner på gang. Litt av ei tid!

  5. oh, thank you, astrid - i love your honesty.
    hearing about other families' bad days, makes me feel less alone on our bad days:)

  6. Hi Astrid,
    I really like your blog, I commented sometimes before but since you have your little one, your blog is even more inspiring and interesting. My little girl is 13 weeks old and I´m curious about the things to come because she seems to change and develop at such a high speed. I´m glad that there are bloggers like you out there who don´t pretend that everything is going perfect and easy 24/7. Thanks and hold on, please!
    Greetings fra Hamburg

  7. Du må bare finne ut (prøve/feile-metoen) hva som fungerer for deg og krysse fingrene for at dagen går over fort som fy.

    Lykke til kjære, det går bra til slutt. Helt sant.

    Hannes link er super.

  8. i love your honesty too astrid! this parent thing is hard! but for me, life got SO much easier around 1.5 years old. eli can walk and talk and tell us what is bothering him. he can sit and draw and read to himself and play with toys. it's so different fron having a baby one year ago! babies are amazing, of course, but so tiring. each day feels long, but the time will pass quickly. so, just know that this is not your life forever (that's how it felt to me). soon you will have a little kid in your house :)

  9. Godt og høre at flere har slike dager... av og til er det vell bare slik.

  10. Spot on! Thank you, Astrid! It's the little life's pleasures that get us through the difficulties of parenting (and of everything else, for that matter)! The more pleasant little routines we can create for ourselves, the easier the job. But it is a very hard job nonetheless - one that we need help with. And it's always a relief to know that it's a hard job for other people too. Actually, when things get partcularly tough with our two boys, I remind myself that, even though we don't always look at it this way, parenting is a very complex, demanding and increasingly more interesting, inspiring and rewarding project. So, just like education or professional work, it's definitely well worth the pain :)).



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