Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Dianne shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Dianne?

I shoot film for many reasons - I'm not sure any of them are particularly unique reasons. I like the limitation. I like only having 36 shots to capture an adventure on. I like having a roll of film in my camera for a couple of months and being surprised by what is on it because lord knows when I put this in here. I like not falling back on the old 'take 400 photographs without thinking because I know at least one of them will be good, right?' trap that is so easy to fall into with digital - I like that I have to think about each shot. I like talking to the guys at the photo lab when I drop films in for processing. I like holding the result in my hands in the end. I like the mistakes that can happen. I like that random older people come up to me in junk shops in Bruges start to talk to me about my camera because they haven't seen of those since the 1970s, and the random conversation starter my older model SLR camera seems to be. Most of all I like that at the end of an adventure with my camera, I only have 36 photographs to to go through and I don't have to spend my life sitting in front of a computer editing down the 399 photographs I took which were not suitable. I feel like film makes you think. For me, it certainly feels like more of a thought process takes place then when shooting digitally. More thought happens in the moment, less time is spent in front of a computer afterwards. Film feels more interactive, on both an artistic and social level. I like the fact that shooting on film results in getting an email in my inbox from a complete stranger asking me if I wish to take part in their blog series asking why I shoot film!

You can see more of Dianne's photos on her blog.

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