Monday, 3 September 2012

what's for dinner, week 36

Thursday, week 35

Monday: reindeer filet and root vegetables 
Tuesday: spicy chicken salad with mango and sweet chili sauce 
Wednesday: spicy fish soup with a taste of Asia (recipe via Trine's matblogg
Thursday: meatballs (from IKEA) with boiled potatoes and gravy 

We are off to Skien to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday this weekend, so no more dinner planning this week. 

- - - 

What we actually had for dinner last week

Monday: leftover ratatouille with whole grain spaghetti and crispy bacon
Tuesday: even more leftover ratatouille with baked cod filets (with fish & seafood spice mix from Santa Maria) and boiled potatoes
Wednesday: red curry with pork filets
Thursday: spicy chicken salad with mango and sweet chili sauce braised beef stew with red wine and mushrooms (with homemade minced beef instead of diced beef), broccoli and mashed parsnip, carrot and potato (from the freezer) 
Friday: salmon sashimi with ponzu sauce frozen pizza and hot dogs  
Saturday: fish/meat of the day with vegetables: ceviche with halibut (recipe from D2 of August 10)
Sunday: fish/meat of the day with vegetables: whole grain penne with homemade minced beef and red wine sauce 

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  1. Yum!I like the way you can do anything from frozen pizza! to much more gourmet meals... Same here;-)



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