Saturday, 8 September 2012

thoughts on wardrobe clean outs

the discard piles are still growing

As mentioned yesterday, after reading this I was inspired to do a bit of wardrobe clean out myself. I actually do it rather often - I'm an organized girl after all - but this time I went all in. I think I might have halved my wardrobe!

There are so many items of clothing I have kept for sentimental reasons, items I have kept because I thought they will come in handy, items I have kept because they were gifts, items that will fit if I loose 10 kilos and get back my 20 years old body. 

I bought this at a "posesalg" (plastic bag sale) for the Norwegian brand Fiori di Oslo; fill the bag and pay 500 kr. It is beautiful, but unfortunately it is a little bit too small and I have used it way too little. 

A short denim skirt from Danish In Wear. I used it a lot in my early 20s. I especially remember wearing it when my little sister and I (20 and 15 years of age at the time) were on InterRail in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. I still like it, but it is just too short and tight., and I honestly doubt I will  ever get my early 20s body back. 

I agree with what Jordan of Oh Happy Day saysSometimes I realize I’m still in love with the “idea” of a piece of clothing because I got lots of compliments back in the day, when in reality its out of style and I never wear it anymore.

I'm sure you all know about these kind of items, don't you?

A fun summery dress from Danish Soaked in Luxury. I bought it on a whim - on sale - for my master party; the garden party celebrating that I finished my master's degree in media science. I have only worn it once after that; for my in-laws' 60 + 60 years birthday celebration. Time to let someone else party in this dress!

A short dress/tunic from once my favorite brand, the British French Connection. Very comfortable, I love the long sleeves, but yellow just isn't my color. 

A lingerie-ish top from H&M. I have loved this - not so much any more - but it is just too short, so I have hardly used it.

Whilst reading Red Magazine the other day I came across a quote from Paloma Vásquez de Castro, head designer of Hoss Intropia (a Spanish brand I'm quite fond of; I have a couple of beautiful dresses from this brand), that really spoke to me:

The key is to ensure that you only have things in your wardrobe that you love and that look good on you.

She also quotes Coco Chanel:

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.

With these quotes in mind, I have asked myself these three questions in my wardrobe clean out process:

Do I love it?
Do I feel good wearing it?
Have I used it during the last year?

A tunic from British Warehouse that I have used a lot, especially when travelling. I like wearing dark, wide clothes when travelling, just in case I spill something. It has become too washed out, so it's not so pretty anymore. 

A beautiful top from Swedish Tiger of Sweden which was a gift from a dear friend. Unfortunately I have never used it because it doesn't make me feel good - it highlights my belly that needs to loose a few kilos...

A beautiful wrap around top from one of my favorite brands, Swedish Filippa K. A Christmas gift from my husband. It is too tight and too short, hence I have hardly used it. Also, the neckline is a little too low for my comfort. 

I will give away to family/friends and Fretex (the Salvation Army's second-hand shop) the items I'm not keeping. I can't help but feel like I have wasted money on the items I'm parting with. I guess I just wish all my buys were good buys. Silly thinking, I know. 

I find that travelling light (my prefered way of travelling), being pregnant and breastfeeding have one thing in common fashion wise: my wardrobe is limited. It also makes it easier getting dressed because I have fewer options. I hope my recent wardrobe clean out will have the same effect. 

On top: a happy colorful very short shorts from H&M. Never worn. I bought it with hot, hot summers in mind - which never happens. Not in my part of the world anyway. Now I feel too old to wear it. Or just too white.

As I have gotten older, I have become more sure of what my style is. I'm not much into fashion trends; simple, timeless classics with good cuts and quality are my thing. Trench coat, jeans, button down shirts, cardigans. Lots of white tank tops. Several LBDs and a few sequins for cocktail hour purposes. Mostly cotton and wool. Few pieces of jewellery; only some absolutely beautiful, classic pieces gifted to me by my husband. Black, grey, beige, white and blue are the dominant colors. There are few patterned pieces. Everything can (mostly) be easily paired. I have found that I'm less into shopping than I used to be. I try to be frugal, but sometimes I compromise and splurge (don't we all?). That's how I roll.

I like neat, color sorted piles.

So, what are your thoughts on wardrobe clean outs? Do you do it or are you a hoarder? How sentimental are you about your wardrobe? Any favorite wardrobe staples? 

By the way, I have a few old posts labeled "fashion". Check them out if you are interested. 


  1. What a fun post! I am not a hoarder, I love clearing closets up, and I even love (apparently)watching other people (like yourself) clearing up their closets! After a few style changes I have also settled with a more classic taste in clothes.
    I will take this quote with me : 'luxury should be comfortable to be luxurious'. I love it.

  2. I love this quote. "The key is to ensure that you only have things in your wardrobe that you love and that look good on you." I have way too much clothes, and at the same time, missing some key pieces. A real clean out might be timely this fall... Thanks for posting! Ragnhild

  3. I am exactly like that. Or at least I have been. Clothes piling up in the closet just because I couldn't bare to throw them away. Lots of stuff I had never worn, some that I had only used once. A full closet but absolutely nothing to wear.

    Lately I've been cleaning my wardrobe regularly. Taking out pieces I know I will never wear, giving them to friends or donating for charity. The less items (and the simpler) I have, the more use I find for them. Quality over quantity it should be.

    And I have the same problem with summer clothing... I really don't feel like buying shorts and skirts as the summer is so short and cool here up North (I believe I live even Norther than you), but we get the occasional heat waves and then I have nothing to wear! :)

  4. As if I had know that you're planning this special post: I spend my Friday evening sorting clothes out of my wardrobe that don't fit anymore. I've lost more than 10 kilos the last couple of weeks and I have some trousers that definetely don't fit anymore - they are much too big and saggy. That in mind I sorted out quite some clothes, shirts, jumpers and much more. But it's not easy for me. I have this sentimental thought "Oh, look I wore this dress at this and that wedding" or so on. I got over this.
    What I don't do is asking myself if I have worn the piece the last year. Sometimes I'm not so into it and then I love it again and love to wear it. I ask myself if I look good and feel good wearing it without haveing to make a compromise.
    Now my wardrobe looks much better... and I feel better without all the stuff crammed into it.

  5. I tend to be a little too sentimental with my wardrobe. I admit that I still keep a few pieces that are very worn out but have sentimental value to me. This came very handy last year, because I lost a lot of weight and had to throw away most of my wardrobe, but I had kept some pieces from when I was 20 that now they fit again :)

    On the other hand, sometimes I buy stuff on a whim that I never wear more than once or twice, and I'm trying not to do that anymore. Less pieces, more quality.

    But definitely, I really love making wardrobe cleanouts! Coincidentally, I was planning to do one very soon, once he summer's over here in Spain. So this post was specially on time for me :)

    PS. I love this quote "Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury."

  6. Dette inspirerte meg til å rydde i skapet mitt. Der var det litt av hvert som aldri er i bruk. Blant annet en skinnjakke. Den er veldig fin, og den var ganske så dyr, og det er nok derfor jeg ikke har klart å levere den til Fretex. Problemet er at jeg ikke kler den. Det forandrer seg ikke, og den har bare blitt hengende, men nå er det Fretex next. Jeg tror flere plagg kommer til å forsvinne denne høsten. Satser på å kjøpe enkle plagg i fremtida. Plagg som varer og som kan kombineres.

  7. I'm with you--very organized, but still clothing has a way of piling up. Also shoes. After my last big cleanup three years ago, I made a rule, if I acquire a new item of clothing, I don't put it away until I find something to eliminate. Same goes with shoes and handbags. I share a small walkin closet with my husband and I am determined not to fill other closets in the house with more clothes. Here's the surprising bit: when I acquire something new, I usually end up finding more than one item to eliminate--usually fill a small bag for charity. I really like the way this rule works.



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