Friday, 28 September 2012

things I like lately

we are chilling tonight | Fuji Sensia 400, Canon EOS 500N

- I deleted my Facebook (and LinkedIn) account today. I don't really use it anyway and the constant changes are annoying. Also, one (two) less social media thingy to steal my time.
- this black leather tote from Baggu
- this cardigan and this sweater by Berg & Berg
- a glass of wine after Sara has fallen asleep for the night
- some unexpected extra time together as a family (Sølve normally works long hours, so we are always happy for some extra time together)
- our Friday tradition of salmon sashimi
- this week's article in D2 about Instagram
- seeing how much Sara likes the heart shaped fishcakes from Madam Bergen
- I finally got around to posting the last of my renovation before/after posts

What do you like lately?


  1. What do I like lately? Well, lets see...

    - being outside and in the woods as much as possible. I LOVE autumn.
    - the fact that our (far away) trip is only 4 weeks away. And we have made almost all the preparations, which have been many!
    - that my sister and her husband decided to sell me their Canon AE-1 SLR! So far I have only borrowed it.
    - our two doggies sleeping right next to me in our bed. And they're not little ones...

    There are a lot of other things as well but I decided not to steal your whole comment box. :D Oh, I have to add one more! The photos of your last post; the ones taken at the mountain cabin. Dreamy!

  2. autumn sweaters in the grayscale and of bronze it is my number one spot!:) + the absorbing book and the hot, aromatic tea.

    I am greeting!

  3. I like the smell of baked apple pie in my kitchen!

  4. things i like lately:
    deg og dette stedet ditt! :)

  5. I really wish I could delete my facebook, but i have too much family on the other side of the world who use it to contact me. Its so frustrating!

  6. You inspired me, I just deleted my LinkedIn account myself. I`m not ready to let facebook go yet.

    I like sunny autumn weather during daytime, and cosy candlelight evenings indoors!



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