Friday, 21 September 2012

things I like lately

my sweetest little tomato eating, kitchen counter sitting baby girl 

- this post by Elisabeth
- Norwegian Elle Decoration's ex-editor Helle Tjaberg's new blog, Eget Rom
- this post by Frøken Makeløs + the comments
- the ever beautiful photography of Alice (ps: Alice shoots film)
- homemade lasagna from the freezer when I'm too tired to make dinner
- today: dry asphalt and sun glasses (it has rained A LOT lately)
- this
- The Switch
- I made fish soup (ca for the first time; Sølve is the fish soup master in our house) and it turned out really nice + it was much easier than I feared
- an evening with the best Hanne (it is her birthday today; happy birthday dear friend!)
- seeing how much Sara (now 10,5 months) enjoy being with other kids in Åpen Barnehage (playgroup)
- finding this yogurt packaging in the store - it used to be like this when I was a kid
- some lovely morning light in our livingroom (ps: I still haven't posted the before/after post from our livingroom - it should come soon)
- baking apple cake
- Mindfeud

1 comment:

  1. ååå, for en herlighet!
    Tomater gjør godt for kroppen :)
    Ha en fin helg.




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