Friday, 14 September 2012

things I like lately

dinner preparations at the summer house in Denmark | Fuji Velvia 50, Canon EOS 500N

- tretopphytter (via D2)
- kokosboller and café cookies
- Sara has finally starting to eat some dinner
- a pretty sunset in between lots and lots of rain
- play dates with Catherine and her little Ophelia (born only three days before Sara)
- my recent wardrobe clean out
- Cointreau on ice
- I kveld med Ylvis, for example this
- waiting for the last film from our summer holiday to be developed (mostly shot at the mountain cabin)
- still hooked on Wordfeud - anyone want to play? I'm heiastrid
- ceviche - also what looks like a very promising blog, especially the "how to cook perfect..." posts, that I look forward to exploring (via my friend Catherine mentioned above)


  1. under 4 with point is absolutelying agree:)

    I am greeting!

  2. haha- loved the extreme gardening video;-))
    Lovely links- have a great weekend.

  3. Love this chilled out pic. It's perfect, really!

  4. Haven't been here since ages. But it's good to have you as a flickr contact. Enjoy to read (and see those gorgeous photo stories) so much!



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