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our renovation | the livingroom

Before we moved in

Since we moved in in late September 2005 the livingroom went through several rearrangements. Below are a few of them.

This is the last photo I took of our livingroom before we started packing everything down.

Here are some of the posts I have written about our livingroom: we had an orange wall | our livingroom library | rearrangement | another rearrangement | lounge area | our dining area | the table

Demolition phase

Construction phase

Nearly finished


The oak shelf/hi fi storage is designed by Sølve and built by one of our talented handymen. The material is affordable oak bench tops from IKEA. The shelf is slightly curved because of the slightly curved wall. Notice that there are no cables by the TV; they are all inside the wall. So smooth! The two stools were inherited from Sølve's grandmother. We use them as extra seats, coffee tables, foot rest, etc. The black chair is Skruvsta from IKEA. We have had it for ages. I don't love it, but it is a handy size and quite comfortable. The door goes out to the small balcony, where there are stairs down to the garden

The wall hung shelves are designed by Sølve and built by one of our handymen. The daybed is also designed - and built - by Sølve. They are both painted in "nøytral" from Jotun (so are the dining chairs). By the way, all the walls in our apartment are "skumring" by Jotun. The daybed is four meters long and doubles as guest bed. There are storage underneath. The mattresses are some cheap ones from IKEA covered in extra long wool blankets inherited from my grandmother. We keep extra duvets and pillows in the big pillowcases.  The green lamps are "Seed" from Northern Lighting. I have some photos from the building process that I thought I would post - just in case anyone is curious and/or interested in building a daybed. 

I'm not quite settled with the selection of pillow cases yet. Feels like I need a little more color and maybe a little more pattern. Fine Little Day's "Gran" pillow case is high on my wishlist. This photo reminds me that we really should get around to paint that curtain pole soon... The sidetable/nesting tables were bought at Fretex (the Salvation Army's second hand outlet). 

When we have guest, we close the sliding doors and the curtains. And voilà! our guests have some privacy. 

The orange sofa was bought at Fretex and the green chair was inherited from my grandparents. The round side table is from IKEA's Stockholm series; the lamp is from IKEA too. The dining table is made by Sølve and me - here is how we did it. (The table has been shortened with about one meter.) The chairs are inherited from various family members. Sara's high chair is "Tripp Trapp" from Stokke - a classic that both Sølve and I grew up with (mine was red). The lamps are "Moser" from Louis Poulsen. The photograph of Brooklyn Bridge, named "Manhattan Crossing", is by Peter Lik. So are our other two big photographs. 

Reupholstering the orange sofa is on my wishlist. I'm thinking gray. The side table was bought at Fretex, and the round lamp is from IKEA. The pillow with the bird is by Siri Tollefsen, the silver pillow was a gift from my friend Lori, aka The 10 cent designer, when she and her husband visited in 2009. The basket was bought at a market in Cassis, Provence, whilst on our honeymoon

Since the outer wall is slightly curved, the floorsfollow this curve and have this charming "meeting point" in the middle. The floors are old (our house was built in the early 1930s); we sanded and oiled them (with Trestjerner "dempet"). I'm so glad we uncovered these floors - I love them!

The sliding doors have the same design as the door leading out to the hallway. The wood stove is Jøtul F163.

This is the last of my before/after posts from our apartment. Click the tag "home before after" to see all the posts and click here for the renovation set on Flickr.


  1. Those architectural elements that you added are fantastic. Your view is spectacular!

  2. i love the combination of rustic brick walls and wood floors, combined with the more modern elements, like your stove. so warm and fresh and cozy.

  3. I think your living room looks so cosy. Where is the foto above the orange couch from? I think I've seen it before. It's central park right?

  4. Det ser så praktisk og koselig ut :) Tenk å finne en så fin sofa på Fretex!

  5. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?


  6. så trolig fint der har det :) fikk masse inspirasjon :)



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