Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Melanie shoots film

"Self portrait - Barcelona", Yashica T4

Why do you shoot film, Melanie?

There are many reasons why I shoot film. I love the process, I love the sound of the camera - it's shutter and the film winding on. Shooting on film makes me stop and think before I take a photo. I'm more discerning with what I choose to capture. I think there is a beautiful quality to images captured on film, they seem to have more depth and film can capture light so well. The digital cameras I have don't have this ability. I love the weight of my analogue cameras, the process of manually fixing the settings. I love that the analogue cameras I have (all second hand) have a past history with other people that have used them. They have captured so many pictures, all over the world.

I also love that with film you have to wait to have the film developed to see how the images turned out. Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised and other times you might be disappointed. That’s the beauty of film and it’s process. I think I'll always shoot on film, it aids me in capturing beauty in my everyday life.

You can see more of Melanie's film photos on her blog.

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