Monday, 13 August 2012

what's for dinner, summer edition

a very few our our amazing summer dinners

I had planned on keeping up with my "what's for dinner" project during summer with posts like this. Then we started our three weeks summer holiday, I left my laptop at home and I forgot about the whole thing. We sure had some amazing dinners though! That's what happens when you're on holiday with four fellow foodies. We have done some serious body building these weeks, as our friend J described it. Now it is time to do a different kind of body building; time to get back to eating and drinking a little more healthy + plan our weekly dinner menus - starting today.

The "what's for dinner, week 33" post will be up later today.


  1. I am happy you are back, refreshed! I am looking forward to your dinner menus!!

  2. Nice to see you back online :)
    Have missed your posts.



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