Friday, 31 August 2012

things I like lately

evening light in Denmark | Kodak Portra 400, Canon EOS 500N

- this post by mackapär
- the triplex lamp
- the Evergreen lamp by Norwegian company Northern Lighting
- cloudberry picking
- a perfectly ripe avocado
- the movie "Million Dollar Baby"
- playing Wordfeud with my mum and aunt
- the light just before an amazing rain storm
- Kings of Leon "Sex on Fire"
- our baby daughter Sara turned 10 months yesterday and she is more fun than ever
- shooting a roll of film in 15 minutes or so - I have already had it developed, so I'll show you during the weekend


  1. Million Dollar Baby makes me cry endlessly... Such a sad but beautiful movie.

    I was wondering about your film photography. I love shooting film and I've collected a bunch of lovely vintage cameras, but developing is extremely expensive in my country. Do you develope your rolls in a professional lab? And do you always take the actual paper versions of the photos, too? (If you do, you must have a scanner to get those in digital form...?)

    I've been going through my options if I wish to keep up with this hobby and still have enough money for food. :D It seems I should either wait until I've shot several rolls of film and then take them to a lab and have them all on a CD instead of actual photos. (But it's so hard to wait until 10 rolls are full...) OR! I should arrange my own dark room, develope the rolls myself and get a scanner for the developed film. The first option would be cheaper at first, but in time probably more expensive. Plus, we don't have a lab in our town so I'd have to drive all the way to our neighbour town, which also costs quite a lot at these gas prices...

    It's a dilemma! I wish we had prices like in the Mid-Europe, where a 36 frame roll developing and paper photos cost less than 10 euros! :)

  2. That Evergreen lamp is lovely! Thanks for sharing it.



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