Friday, 17 August 2012

things I like lately

evening sun light in our livingroom in June | Kodak Ektar 100, Canon EOS 500N

this set of photos by Andrew (ps: Andrew shoots film)
Jenna's blog
- this idea
- Susannah's carry on experience - this is how I prefer to travel too, although it is hard to do it with a baby
- Wordfeud
- this new online magazine (via sovekatt)
- today is the last day of my maternity leave (sad face), but it is also the first day of my extended leave - so as of today I'm a stay at home mom, until the end of September 2013 (happy face)
- Sara's hair has gotten longer, so now she gets the cutest bed hair
- Sara has just started moving a bit forward (not only backwards and in circles)
- Sara's waves
- a nap when I really needed it
- my first run (with the pram!) in ages
- sun all week

- - -

I'm not quite into the swing of daily posting yet. Still in holiday mode, I guess. Also, I find that being a full time mom limits my computer time. I have a few rolls of film that I'm planning to share, so stay tuned. Meanwhile you can get daily updates on my Instagram. Follow me @heiastrid if you want.

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