Saturday, 11 August 2012

things I like lately

Tranum beach, Denmark

- summer holiday!
- being very lucky with the weather everywhere we traveled
- tan lines
- Sara has done so well with all our travelling, even with teething, fever and conjunctivitis (but we are happy to be home again with more or less normal sleep routines)
- spending very little time in front of the computer, in fact I didn't even bring my laptop for our three weeks holiday
- holidaying with our fellow foodie friends, which means we have been eating and drinking very, very well
- Champagne galore
- eating almost all meals outside
- beach days
- sea bathing
- reading books (I really should do this more often)
- sweet cherries
- catching my first fish ever
- taking Sara back to the mountain cabin (her first time there was during Easter when she was only 5 months - which reminds me I still have film photos from Easter to share!)
- Sara turned 9 months and she is more fun than ever
- seeing how much Sara loves raspberries
- shooting film

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  1. You and I have shared lots of favorite things during our vacations... except that the weather wasn't always that good here! It's been pouring rain so much that we have had floods in my town and nearby. Oh well, I'm glad we have "an extra vacation" later this year, in a place with guaranteed sun! :)

    I found you on Flickr as well and I've enjoyed your snapshots during your holiday. Thanks for sharing!



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