Thursday, 30 August 2012

summer days in Denmark, II

Kodak Portra 400, Canon EOS 500N

The light was super beautiful that evening. It really made the nature shine. I don't think I have ever seen fresh corn in the grocery stores here in Bergen, or elsewhere in Norway actually. Such a pity; it is so, so good!


  1. This is something i miss in Norway too. There are even lots of street sellers in Turkey (where i am from)selling these grilled corns. So delicious!

  2. Nice atmosphere in these photos. I really like your new presentation of the blog.

  3. når du besøker slekta i skien, kan du skaffe mais - der er det en gård med selvplukk!
    og du, nydelige bilder. som vanlig.

  4. Astrid, I have your in my reader, and have been diligently reading you this summer. Just wanted to comment about how much I enjoy your pictures! I would LOVE to go to Scandinavia someday for a little trip, and you are making me more and more heartsick to go! So beautiful! They make me so relaxed as well....just remind me of beautiful summer evenings.



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