Friday, 31 August 2012

pink is gone and now I'm done

Fuji Velvia 50, Canon EOS 500N

I said I would probably tweak a little here and there in the new layout - done! Last night I got rid of all the pink text and substituted it with black and grey. I also removed the last photos that were in the sidebar; those links are now in the pages underneath the header. I think the layout is even cleaner now, which make my photos stand out more. This blog is pretty much all about my photos, so I like the increased focus on them. As for the header, I think I kind of like it. For now. It would look nice with some kind of simple illustration to go with the "Hei!", but I don't know how to do that, so I'll just leave it. By the way, I have not done any coding or anything to make these changes. I simply used Blogger's template designs. 

So, now I'm done. Hope you like it.

PS: This week's "things I like lately" post will be up later today. 
PS 2: Notice the new "things I like lately" page link underneath the header. Click there and you will find all those posts. 


  1. I like Your blog!Your words and pictures:)


  2. you could have the "hei!" in a text balloon, using a nice color and nice font. Or simply one of those first photo's of your "summer in denmark II" post as a header...

  3. (I miss your old Hei! I do like the font with this one, but...maybe a little bigger? I agree with Yellow Laurie re: her suggestions.)

  4. Astrid, I think that the blog redesign looks lovely. I, too, am a fan of simple black, white, and gray. It really does let the photos shine. Fantastic!!

  5. Astrid, I love your blog, and it all looks more clean and clear. I do feel though that your Hei needs something more. The old one was more playful, stood out more. Have a lovely weekend;)

  6. Like it a lot Astrid. Beautiful.



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