Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Azuree shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Azuree?

I shoot film because I love it. I like the excitement of not knowing just what you've shot. I love the process of shooting the roll, thinking carefully about every shot because you know there are only so many on the roll or pack of film. The anticipation of taking a roll to the lab and waiting to get it back. Sharing the physical image you've taken with a relative, friend or stranger. Like many others have said, I love the feel of film. I've always been drawn to the imperfections in life, the things that set us apart and make us unique and I feel like film has that feeling. You might have a spec of dust on your print or have set the exposure slightly off yet, the image wouldn't be as wonderful if you had done it "right". I'm way into that! 

 I also love negatives! To see a little tiny version of your picture is something so special to me. I really love processing my own black and white negatives, it's so fun to shoot a picture, develop the negative and make a print. The photo is truly entirely yours start to finish. That's so neat!

You can see more of Azuree's photos on her Flickr and blog.

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