Monday, 9 July 2012

what we had for dinner, week 27

Monday: beef stroganoff leftovers with extra onion and mushroom
Tuesday: a spicy salad with melon, ham and coriander
Wednesday: orange roasted chicken with coleslaw

Thursday: grilled trout and spring onion, baked potatoes and cucumber salad; strawberries and vanilla kesam (kind of a sweet version of quark cheese) for dessert

Friday: chorizo mussel soup; cheese for dessert

Saturday: leftover mussel soup; cold bay leaf salmon with boiled potatoes, a mixed salad and sour cream mixed with horseradish; strawberries and Mövenpick vanilla ice cream for dessert

Sunday: roasted mix of leftover meats and vegetables with sour cream; strawberries and Mövenpick vanilla ice cream for dessert

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  1. I'm always so inspired by your dinner photos and descriptions Astrid, my tummy is rumbling just looking at that beautiful trout!



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