Tuesday, 26 June 2012

what's for dinner, week 26 + a small change

Monday dinner

Our summer holiday and Sølve's paternity leave (I'm still on maternity leave) has just started. There will be a lot of cooking and enjoying of good food, but I doubt that we will plan any meals ahead. We'll go with the spontaneous summer spirit and make what ever feels right in the moment - for the two of us, with family and friends. Consequently there will be no "what's for dinner" posts the following weeks, but I do plan to continue to tell you what we actually had for dinner. Maybe there will be more dinner photos too. I'll do my best to still update on Mondays.

Check out my guest post over at Matbloggsentralen (the food blogs central) for ideas for this week's dinners.

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What we actually had for dinner last week:

Monday: fruit salad with turkey filet, cashew nuts and coriander + rice (photo above)
Tuesday: Tuscan white bean soup
Wednesday: Monday leftovers
Thursday: steak and coleslaw mushroom filled ravioli with parmesan
Friday: salmon sashimi with ponzu sauce Sølve's pasta bolognese-ish
Saturday: meat/fish of the day with vegetables: salmon sashimi with ponzu sauce
Sunday: meat/fish of the day with vegetables: fish soup with salmon + self caught pollack

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  1. Enjoy your Summer holidays and the time with your family & friends! That's much more important than planning :)



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