Friday, 22 June 2012

things I like lately

Fuji Sensia 400, Canon EOS 500N

- the June issue of Rue magazine
- Tar-Tryin' (via simply breakfast)
- the scent of cinnamon rose
- a little boy came up to me and Sara in a store and said "you have a pretty baby"
- bluebells/harebells
- sun and 20 degrees Celsius at 8:20 am today
- brie and red bell pepper on salty crackers
- Sara's love for fruit smoothies and purees, like the ones from Ella's kitchen (she's no fan of dinner foods yet though)
- Sara's bed hair
- rhubarb
- Tromborg body salt scrub - so good for the cracked and dry skin on my heels and feet
- pineau (tasted for the first time when I visited Cognac in September 2010 - I finally remembered to buy it again today) with cava - a tip from my friend Jördis
- Siri's ever inspiring ferske(n)muffins food blog
- today was Sølve's last day of work for six weeks - hurrah for paternity leave and summer holiday!

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