Friday, 15 June 2012

things I like lately

An old favorite from my archives, from a trip to Longleat Forest and London in June 2010.
Fuji Velvia 50, Canon EOS 500N

- this post by Claudia
- roasted beetroot
- raspberry juice
- finding a forgotten chocolate in my jacket pocket
- Sommer i P2
- eat sleep cuddle (via rockstar diaries)
- I finally made this Tuscan white bean soup and it is SO delicious!
- the ever inspiring Mammadamen and Ingvild Telle
- Lecia's ever inspiring photostream
- Sara (7,5 months old today) is more mobile than ever; rolling in all directions and pushing herself backwards on her tummy
- the big smile on Sara's face when she watches the world pass by her pram (we just switched from the carrycot)
- when Sølve makes Sara laugh so loud that all her six teeth show
- my new top (bought on sale - yay!) from Danish Custommade
- this photo by Cristian


  1. Lovely likes as always :-)

    Happy weekend!

  2. So happy that you enjoyed my post!
    Take care lovely mama :)



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