Friday, 1 June 2012

things I like lately

A beautiful blooming apple tree in the garden at Åsly, Voss.
iPhone photo processed with the Vitage Camera app.

- our baby daughter Sara turned 7 months this week
- Sølve and I celebrated 14 years of being a couple
- summer skiing (I'll share more photos tomorrow)
- the ever inspiring Fjeldborg blog
- Sara enjoying her porridge meals
- sun all week, although not as warm as last week
- this photo by Tara
- this interview with Alyson of Unruly Things
- hearing Sølve and Sara laugh together - it melts my heart!
- lots of blooming trees
- watching Sara taste orange and watermelon for the first time - she loved it!


  1. fin helg til deg og dine.
    Så flink du er å glede deg over småting i kvardagen, det er så viktig :) tusen takk for at du deler, og minner oss på kor viktig det er å nyte små øyeblikk.


  2. Just found your blog through HelloCotton & I love this photo...gonna stick around & see what other awesome things you've got going on here :) :)



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