Sunday, 17 June 2012

rainy day

Fuji Sensia 400, Canon EOS 500N

It's raining. After what feels like an unusual long period of beautiful sunny weather, I don't mind the rain. It feels good to just lounge and chill inside, and not feel the obligation to be outside and soak in the sun. It feels good with this break, of sorts. Eat rhubarb muffins, drink coffee, surf blogs and read magazines + of course, play with Sara (who is unusually grumpy today - which make this Sunday a little less idyllic ;-)

The images above are from a rainy Sunday walk in March. We brought lunch (homemade fish cakes) and enjoyed it under the umbrella. Sara was asleep, warm and cozy in the carrycot.


  1. vakkert når noen vet å kose seg.

  2. I like rainy days as well. It's so cozy inside. But a walk + lunch like you show in the photographs looks fun too!

  3. Audun har også hatt en sånn dag. Merkelige greier! Fiskekaker og tur i regn høres ut som perfekte søndagskomponenter. Jeg vil også ha rabarbramuffins! :)

  4. Those first two photos are so incredibly beautiful.

  5. I love that kind of break in the summer too. It`s so hot these days in Sofia, so I dream about some rainy days.

  6. Is that a yellow Tupperware-mug? We have the same thing in blue and it must be 20 years old. Still works :D



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