Wednesday, 6 June 2012

everyday life

A bunch of random glimpses of everyday life (yeah, my life is all about food!) from the last month or so. For current glimpses of my everyday life, check my Instagram or this set on Flickr.


  1. Mat er en nødvendighet. Jeg liker disse bildene. Får lyst på bøker og grillmat :)

  2. Wow! So sweet photos my dear! Looks like you really have an amazing everyday life :) Keep this happiness untouched!

  3. Lovely collection of pictures from your daily life. But I had to pass the food pictures quickly. I'm quite hungry now and they were looking too inviting and delicious.

  4. What a lovely group of photos. I have a random question for you. Here in the NE part of the US, I try to buy local produce as often as I can, but we also import some produce from California and Chile.

    Where is most of your produce grown in Norway? In the winter months where is it shipped in from? Just curious...

    1. We get quite a lot of produce grown in Norway, from pretty much the whole country. We import a lot from Southern Europe, some African countries and Chile.

  5. Jeg sannelig elsker disse hverdagspostene dine. Og hver gang de kommer, tenker jeg at neste gang jeg er i Bergen må jeg prøve å få dere til invitere meg på et måltid hjemme hos dere:)
    p.s. si fra om du får litt fri i helgen, du er hjertelig velkommen til oss, eller en playdate i byen. det skal visst være sol.

  6. Mmmm...så ye god mat! Fin blogg du har med flotte bilder!



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