Thursday, 10 May 2012

our renovation | Sara's room

Before we moved in

Mostly it looked like this

Demolition phase

Construction phase

Nearly finished


Sara's room used to be our bedroom. It is a much more beautiful room now - I especially love the old wooden wall that we discovered during the demolition phase. She has slept here since day two (the first night she was in our bed) and, from what we can see, Sara loves her room.

Sara's crib is Gulliver from IKEA. I love the simplicity of it, and it is very affordable. The armchair is also from IKEA; it used to be in the livingroom. The cupboard (kitchen unit from IKEA, with Abstrakt door) above her crib also used to be in the livingroom. Instead of buying new shelves/wardrobe/chest of drawers, we decided to used our old IKEA Billy shelves for Sara's clothes, toys and other stuff. It looks a bit messy, so I might get some boxes for the shelves. The blue chair and bedside table are inherited from our families. The small chair is a classic Jærstol, a gift from my parents. As is the Ferm Living mobile above Sara's crib. The igloo is an illustration by the talented Anna Emilia Laitinen.

Next week I'll show you our kitchen.


  1. astrid, it looks great! the wooden wall is such a gem. i also love the wallpaper you uncovered, did you keep a piece?

  2. I have enjoyed all your renovation photos. We have done lots of renovations around our house so I understand the sweat, tears and satisfaction. You and Solve have created an inviting, light-filled space for little Sara. I love it.

  3. Sara's room is so beautiful - and the view out of her window is amazing!

  4. så utrolig koselig. liker de blå møblene :)

  5. you made a beautiful room for little Sara!
    i like the wooden wall too! & the pastel colors you used for the decoration!




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