Wednesday, 2 May 2012

our renovation | our bedroom

Before we moved in

The evolution of the guestroom, home office and storage room since we moved in

Demolition phase

Construction phase

Nearly finished


You can never have enough storage space, right? To get more storage space in our bedroom, we built a walk-in-wardrobe. The shelves in there are some old Billy shelves from IKEA (the big book shelf is also Billy), the top shelf is made of oak kitchen counter top scraps, and the big mirror used to be in the hallway. The cupboards above our bed used to be in the livingroom. They are kitchen cupboards from IKEA, with Abstrakt doors.

The floors are new; treated with the same oil as the rest of the old floors. We decided to have new floors here to make it more soundproof down to the livingroom in the downstairs apartment.

As you can see in the top photos, there used to be a desk in the windowsill. There is still a desk, but much smaller - just in case any of us need to do some work, or what ever. As this is my side of the bed, the desk is mostly filled with a pile of my clothes...

The roof lamps are from IKEA. The big bedside lamp is the classic Tizio lamp designed by Richard Sapper, produced by Artemide. It was a housewarming gift from our friends. I don't know where the other bedside lamp is from. Well, to be correct, they are both desk lamps. The bedside tables are not in fact tables, but small IKEA Malm dressers. Multipurpose is key when space is limited.

Next week I'll show you our baby daughter Sara's room.


  1. Hei Astrid, is just amazing!!!

  2. ååååå denne leiligheten deres er såååå fin :)
    og godt gjennomtenkt, og herlig med all denne oppbevaringsplassen.
    Skulle ønsket vi hadde mer av det her hos oss, for med tre sjønne små blir det masse tøy og leker...bøker etc.

    Ha ein fin kveld.

  3. ojojoj, det var litt av en prosess!
    men så greit det ble til slutt!

  4. Wow, skal si dere har stått i! Så fint det ble! Gler meg til å se Saras rom nå.
    Klem :-)



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