Thursday, 24 May 2012

our renovation | the kitchen

Before we moved in

The first small renovation

For 5,5 years it looked like this

Demolition phase

Construction phase

Nearly finished phase


There will be a wine fridge in the open space there. We should get it as soon as possible, because I hate the mess we have started to collect in there. 

The lamps are from IKEA.

I love that the bench top doubles as window sill. 

The shelves made from bench top scraps. Mason jars from the basement at Åsly.

Our kitchen has been through quite a transformation. The layout is not that different from the beginning, but the look is - in our opinion - SO much better. I love the simple white fronts in contrast to the oak bench top and brick walls.

All the kitchen stuff - cupboards, bench top, sink, tap, oven - is from IKEA. The fronts are Applåd, the bench top is oak and the handles are Klippig. We chose the Metrik handle for the cupboard under the sink and for the dishwasher, so we can hang dish towels on them.

Only one room left of this before/after renovation home tour - the livingroom. I'll share it soon. Plus I'm also planning a post on how we built the daybed.


  1. What a house... lucky you !-)

  2. The result is very nice. I also like the contrast between the wood and white.

  3. i like the compination of wood, bricks & white color!
    very very nice!


  4. looks great
    we have an ikea kitchen too :)))
    love your whole house
    seems a good place for living
    all my best wishes

  5. i LOVE your style, this green plants accents, simplicity, functionality. i could live there ;)))

  6. Det er så uhyre spennende å følge denne oppussingen deres, det er altså blitt så fint. Vi skal igang nå, og jeg kjenner jeg gruer meg. Men når ejg ser hvor fint dere har fått det, har jeg kjempe lyst å begynne å rive med en gang.

  7. I'm amazed by this renovation. Looks really good.



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